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Dan Curtis

Our Motto is at the core of our values when it comes to auto repair

About San Ramon Auto Repair

At San Ramon Auto Repair, we offer one of the best auto repair and maintenance services in the San Ramon and Danville area. Many of our customer are repeat customers who have made San Ramon Auto Repair as their dedicated auto mechanic shop.

Services & Offers

We offer services for domestic and foreign cars and trucks. We specialize in German Cars, Japanese and American cars & Trucks.

Our Specialty is electronics, computer diagnosis, and controls. We are ASE licensed. 

Foreign repairs and domestic repairs include Transmission and Engine repairs, Tire and Brake repairs, Alignments, A/C repairs, ABS, Clutch repairs, Muffler and Exhaust repairs, Shocks and Suspension repairs, General repairs (aftermarket), Starters & Alternator repairs, Computer Diagnostics, Tune-Up, Batteries, and Oil Change.

Brakes & ABS

We perform all sorts of brake repair from the simple pads and rotors replacement, turning or machining rotors to calipers and brake lines, master cylinders brake boosters and ABS system repair and diagnosis.

Advanced Computerized Diagnostics

Diagnosis of intricate computer systems in vehicle control air conditioning, radio, locks, airbags, traction and cruise control, to name a few.

Tune-Up/Timing Belt

When it comes to your engine, timing is everything. We can assist with the synchronization of the crankshaft to the camshaft

Air Conditioning Repair

When auto air conditioning systems break down, refrigerant leaks. Not only is refrigerant harmful to the environment, but it’s also harmful to your car.

Shock and Suspensions

Both vehicle ride height and tire pressure affect your vehicle’s suspension system.


The use of Synthetic Oil will increase your engine life. We also inspect gaskets and seals for oil leaks.

Tire & Wheel Alignment

Do you find your steering wheel doesn’t track as straight as it used to? Is there a wobble or shimmy at highway speeds you don’t remember experiencing in the past?

Major Engine Service & repairs

We handle all engine repairs and can bring power and efficiency back to your car.
  • Domestic Vehicle Expert
  • Imported Vehicle Expert
  • European Vehicle Expert
Dan and the team at San Ramon Auto Repair provide quality care of our 2001 BMW. Dan's expertise and experience are unparalleled. He is able to quickly and accurately diagnose any problem that our vehicle is having and repair it. However, the attribute that we appreciate most about San Ramon Auto Repair is the level of trust that we have in Dan and his team.
Gregory Gomes
Gregory G.
We have been going to San Ramon auto for years. Currently all our family and friends look to Dan when we have car issues. My car is OLD, but Dan and his staff has always taken care of us and sure my car is safe and running well even at 200k miles. Over the years we have recommend this shop to many people and they have never been disappointed. Dan has always been honest when diagnosing problems and really reasonable with cost. As long as he’s in business we will continue to have our vehicles serviced here. High recommend.
Alex Young
Alex Y.
These guys are really thorough and stand by their work. Highly recommended.
Paul Purdy
Paul P.
Dan and Austin are the best. I would pick them over a bigger company any day.Community builders.
Shrenda Rodgers
Shrenda R.
Marlowe Dias
Marlowe D.
Honest people with honest prices. My family has been on the hunt for a trusted mechanic and I am so happy to say that we finally found that in San Ramon...
Chelsea S.
Chelsea S.
Highly recommend this shop to anyone in the area!
Adrian R
Adrian R
Dusten Luviano
Dusten L.
Dan is friendly and service was prompt, price is reasonable.
Ken Chung
Ken C.
Was referred here by my realtor. Moved to the area about a year ago. Recently had my check engine light go on along with some funny transmission issues....
Ulani L.
Ulani L.
I called around bunch of places on yelp to find a reasonable quote for replacing my brake pads.At my last oil change, it was recommended to get my brake...
Margaret L.
Margaret L.
Finished the work on time. They are very reliable and honest, and kept us updated with what was going on with the car throughout the process. Dan is great and I will go back again.
Brought in my SUV to Dan. Never been here before and made it clear I was moving out of the area very soon. He still took care of me like I was a long-time...
L P.
L P.
Great service and prices. We've had our cars worked on at San Ramon Auto Repair for a long time.
Gabe Fleming
Gabe F.
I was referred here by a neighbor. Finding an auto mechanic that you trust is not always easy. They quickly diagnosed the problem and finished the work in...
Tim B.
Tim B.
Dan Curtis and his team are the ultimate pros in their industry. Dan's is not only my dedicated mechanic, but I also consider him as a good friend. I highly recommend Dan and his team for all of your vehicles need. Thank you...
Barmal Gran
Barmal G.
Friendly staff; took care of my emergency situation in a timely manner.
Minerva Calderon
Minerva C.
Thomas Kenpo Karate
Thomas Kenpo K.
I recently stopped by San Ramon Auto Repair with a question about why my car would be smelling like burning rubber. I was fortunate to find this place...
Rebecca M.
Rebecca M.
Amazing mechanic, rare to find ones can trust and amazing - these guys are that! Super helpful, fast, and nice! Family ran and can't go wrong
Craig Finnegan
Craig F.
Drew Kujacich
Drew K.
In a day and age when customer service seems to have become an afterthought, San Ramon Auto Repair far exceeded this first-time customer's expectations. The owner Dan and team provided a level of outstanding service and professionalism rarely seen these days. Our car had to be towed to their shop and they kept us informed along the way about the status of the car and needed repair. We were never left to wonder, which we appreciated greatly. The cost of repair was also far less than we anticipated and our car now runs great! Highly recommended!!!
Kimo Kealawaiole
Kimo K.
I am extremely picky about auto shops because I grew up working at my dad's shop. He set a really high bar of excellent work and unbeatable customer...
Karin S.
Karin S.
Dan and his crew will take care of your wheels!
Kevin Short
Kevin S.
Joshua Dunne
Joshua D.
I recently had to replace my battery and later found out my alternator went out while driving on the freeway. My car shut down and I was able to limp into a...
John R.
John R.
Each and every time I come up to see Dan with a problem with any of my cars/Trucks... he tackled them with a Smile ... and the results don't break the Bank $ ... it's a great place 🤗
Bonnie Davey
Bonnie D.
I took my Fiat to them due to the great ratings this shop has, and i was not disappointed one bit. I had to have a water pump replaced and they did an amazing and quick job. I had some lights turn on a few days later for the oil change even though it had been serviced by them as well and Dan ran the machine on my Fiat and I was expecting to be charged since some other shops like to nickel and dime the customer for any little thing. He did not charge me for running the machine which i was quite pleasantly surprised. He has definitely earned a customer.
Alex Moguel
Alex M.
Honest, easy, nice! Best place to take your vehicle!!!
Tea Jay
Tea J.
Honest reliable service. The owner never performs work that does not need to be done. Thus us the only place I would ever take a vehicle to
Brad Baker
Brad B.
Dan the Owner and his hard working mechanics are 100% the best Auto Repair Shop this Tri Valley-San Ramon has to offer. Dan has been servicing my car for 8 years. They are very trustworthy. He provides a diagnoses and repair that I can feel safe. I believe his suggestions and advice. He is very fair in pricing. I always leave there with a feeling I was taken care of and my repair was spot on perfect. I would not go to anyone else. Tyson his greeter best friend Dog makes the whole experience delightful. Again- Trustworthy, honest and provides excellent service/repair to your car.
Marilyn DeJulio
Marilyn D.
Well, all this time on the internet and I am writing my first review of anything, anywhere. But when you come across a business as rare as San Ramon Auto Repair, sometimes you do find that rough diamond in the rough that breaks all rules. I am an ex Navy vet 89'-96' USS Shasta FC2 and worked on the CIWS Phalanx Block 0, so as a passion I love to talk shop with anything surrounding electrical mechanical things. Aside from the numerous awesome reviews of this shop on Yelp, what really sold me to bring my car in was a simple phone call with Dan about my car and what needed to be done. I had mis-firing problem going on in my engine and a leaky A/C system. When I talked with Dan over the phone, his knowledge was amazing! It was very apparent that not only does he have experience, but he continues to always educate himself and stays current with products on the market and cars in general. He educated me over the phone in a manner that was both genuine, confident, and kind. I brought my car in after making an appointment and had the pleasure of talking more with Dan. We had an interesting discussion about Slick 50 and its brief history and the cause of it's demise and talked about the approach he was going to take with my car, which brings me to fact #2 about Dan. Dan's philosophy isn't just about 'fixing' your car via standard protocol, his philosophy is fixing only what needs to be fixed based on your unique situation. This alone sets Dan apart from most of the other mechanics out there. He will go above and beyond and find the most cost effective solution to get you to where you need to be with your car. The third and last fact which shows me his dedication to his profession was his choice in aftermarket products like fuel injector cleaner and lubricants. After listening to him talk about these products and then seeing the choice he has made and recommends, he is truly a professional amongst professionals as a car mechanic and his dedication to his profession. As a side note, I ended up using the products he recommended in my car and I can feel and hear the difference they are making in my car. (I will leave it up to you to talk to him to find out what he recommends). In conclusion, within a few hours my mis-firing problem was fixed, my A/C system was repaired and all at a cost I was expecting to be at least a few hundred dollars more than what I paid. I welcome and challenge anyone to shop around for a mechanic to discuss your current problem and add San Ramon Auto Repair to the list of shops you call. I guarantee you will not find a more dedicated car mechanic who also cares very much about his customers than Dan. Now Tyson?!?!?!?! He is just icing on the cake and just too much fun to play with. I hope this review helps everyone out there.
Alex Levin
Alex L.
Honest and straight-forward service staff. I've been taking my car here for 5 years and wouldn't go anywhere else in San Ramon!
Alex Atkind
Alex A.
I have owned and operated this shop since 1995 and LOVE IT!!! I love my customers and am now beginning to work on 3rd generation vehicles. That means my customers kids now have kids that are beginning to drive! That alone says a lot about a auto repair shop!Stop in and say hello to our dog Tyson, our shop mascot Boxer. Have a cup of Pete's coffee Or bring in a car for us to fix.See more reviews at yelp or demand force.Thanks,Dan C
Best auto repair shop in San Ramon. Fair prices and honest work.
Juan Skipper
Juan S.


We perform all sorts of brake repair including pad and rotor replacement, turning or machining rotors, calipers and brake lines, master cylinder, brake boosters and ABS system repair and diagnosis.

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