When people think of where their cars electrical energy comes from most people think of their car battery. But it’s not the battery that provides most of your cars electrical energy, but instead the alternator.

Why is Alternators & Starters service important?

Your starter is what gets your car running—a crucial component to keeping your life humming and on schedule. And your alternator helps charge your battery and distribute electricity throughout the vehicle. Without these components running properly, your car won’t turn on and stay on.

Signs the Starter or Alternator Needs Service

With time and use, the main parts of a starter can become inefficient. The first signs of age involve a car that struggles to crank when it started. This happens because components can’t turn the flywheel at the right speed. Over time, the engine will cease to turn on.

Alternator trouble generally starts with a faint clicking when you engage the ignition since the battery isn’t receiving a sufficient charge. Like problems with the starter, over time, the vehicle won’t respond at all when you turn the key.

Problems with these parts are often mistaken for a bad battery since the most common sign of malfunction is a car that won’t start or a battery that can’t hold a charge. Maybe you have to frequently jump your battery or a new battery can’t seem to stay fresh. Unfortunately, all these components influence each other, so issues with one can affect the others.


Diagnosing the Issue

Chasing down the source of dysfunction with these parts can take time and patience. The problem might be with wiring, and replacing it could make all the difference. On the other hand, the starter motor or flywheel could be degrading, causing the starter to fail. Whatever the problem, finding it can be overwhelming if you don’t have proper training and experience.

Starter Repair & Alternator Diagnostics

Our technician will hook up a diagnostic device to the starter, alternator, and battery to determine which of the components are causing your vehicle’s symptoms. Your tech will compare the readout on the display to the manufacturer’s service limits to determine the faulty part. Once your technician finds the cause of the problem, the proper starter or alternator repair services can be completed.

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Most frequently asked questions about the STARTERS & ALTERNATORS Service by the customers and their answers.

How do I know if my alternator is bad?
There are several signs that your alternator is failing, such as dim or flickering lights. Another common sign is the service engine light. Dead battery, electrical issues or engine stalling are a few other symptoms of a bad alternator.
Is it safe to still drive my car if I sense alternator problems?
It’s not ideal, as the car will rely solely on its battery for electrical power, which will cause it to discharge. The car may stall and you won’t be able to re-start if the battery runs out.
When should I replace my starter?
Generally, starters are durable, but they can still fail by developing spots on the armature, which will cause intermittent operation. Electrical and mechanical faults can cause the starter to turn too slowly. Another sign to check your starter for failure is grinding or unusual noises.


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