We perform all sorts of brake repair including pad and rotor replacement, turning or machining rotors, calipers and brake lines, master cylinder, brake boosters and ABS system repair and diagnosis.

Antilock Brakes:

ABS, what an invention! This feature of your vehicle takes the wheel speed when braking and uses an ultra-fast computer to actuate solenoids to pump the brakes faster than a Tasmanian devil with a liking for Red Bull. The result is that it keeps the tires from skidding and instead maintains what is mathematically calculated as the best possible traction for panic or loose contact stopping distance. We got you covered here as well. Let us know what’s going on, whether it’s an ABS light or an issue with traction.

Why Do I Need Brakes & ABS Service?

Hearing abnormal sounds? Smelling foul odors emitting from your tires? Feeling pulsations when you brake at high speeds? If any of these apply to your vehicle, make sure you get your brakes inspected before more expensive parts wear down due to metal–on–metal grinding.

The most common problem we find are rotors that are warped and damaged when worn out brake pads and shoes haven’t been replaced – ultimately shortening the life of healthy parts due to that metal–on–metal friction.


What are brake pads?

Brake pads press against your rotors, creating the friction necessary to bring your car to a precise stop.

What’s a caliper?

Calipers create the pressure needed to activate your brake pads, so they can stop your rotors from spinning. Calipers only function properly with brake fluid.

brakes need to be replaced?

he average lifespan of brake pads are 30,000 miles for the front and 50,000-60,000 for the rear, depending though on the driving style and driving conditions.

What’s a rotor?

At the heart of every braking system are the rotors. In order for your vehicle to stop properly, all four rotors have to stop. The brake pads that are attached to each rotor create the friction needed to bring those spinning rotors, and your vehicle, to a halt.

What’s a brake hose?

After pressing down on the brake pedal, brake fluid makes its way to your calipers through your brake hose. When the fluid reaches each caliper, your brake pads are then activated.

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Most frequently asked questions about the brakes & ABS repair or service by the customers and their answers.

The most important thing you need your vehicle to do is STOP! If your brakes are squealing every time you stop it could mean that it’s time to replace them. It may also mean that they are just dirty which can cause brakes to squeal. Bring your car to San Ramon Auto Repair, and we will do a through inspection of your brakes.
How often should I have my brakes inspected?
Having effective stopping power is an ongoing need. And early detection is the key to maintaining your brakes’ performance. With that in mind, we recommend that you have your brakes inspected on a yearly basis (at the very least), and certainly at the first signs of a brake problem.

With the know–how and experience of a Tires Plus expert brake technician, a brake check up gives you the best chance to spot the more routine repairs that can help protect you from dealing with more costly repairs. Noticing any warning symptoms of brake wear? If so, you may need a more immediate inspection. Don’t delay.

Inside your vehicle’s owner’s manual, they usually list specific brake inspection intervals. Always check there first to gauge your vehicle’s brake needs.

How many brake services do you provide?
We provide all the services to protect your vehicle—and your wallet. Stop on in for a braking service that’s in–tune with your “sixty to zero” needs.

Brake Fluid exchange — removes air and brake fluid contaminants
Replace and Install — new brake hardware, brake hoses, calipers, drums and master cylinders, rotors and wheel bearings.
Resurface — drums and rotors
Clean and Adjust — drum brakes and parking brakes
Repack — wheel bearings (crucial for keeping bearings lubricated)
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) — diagnostics and system repair


We perform all sorts of brake repair including pad and rotor replacement, turning or machining rotors, calipers and brake lines, master cylinder, brake boosters and ABS system repair and diagnosis.

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