Advanced Computerized Diagnostics

Intricate computer systems in your vehicle control air conditioning, radio, locks, airbags, traction and cruise control, to name a few. They help keep you safe and your vehicle running smoothly. This is why it is so important to address any issues with computerized diagnostic testing.


Sensors and switches throughout the car monitor and convert the operating conditions into an electrical signal. Once the signal is received by the computer, it sends information to three different systems Ignition, Fuel, Emission control. When the computer indicates there is a problem within one of these systems, it causes a “check engine” light to turn on in the dashboard. That’s where we come in. Bring in your vehicle and we’ll check it out. We’ll let you know if the “check engine” is a real problem, or just a sensor/computer issue.

What kind of issues can car computer diagnostics uncover?

A diagnostic code can indicate an electrical issue, a mechanical problem like an engine vacuum leak, or something else entirely. Codes can even be triggered when there’s nothing wrong with the electronics. When your mechanic runs a car computer diagnostics test, he or she is scanning the PCM for these active or stored diagnostic codes. While these computer diagnostic codes identify the source of the problem, they will not indicate whether a part needs replacing.

The Value of a Car Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic tests help pinpoint issues quickly and reliably, without need for a full vehicle inspection. If you’re short on time, these tests can help identify next steps to get you safely back on the road.

Transmission filter replacement or cleaning

Check Engine Light On? It’s Time for an Engine Diagnostic

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Most frequently asked questions about the car computer diagnostics by the customers and their answers.

How long does it take to run a car diagnostic test?
This is a simple test, which involves hooking up your car’s computer to a machine that scans it for error codes. It’s very quick, and can be completed in a matter of minutes.
What are the results of an engine diagnostic test?
Car diagnostics help mechanics pinpoint problems in order to make the right repairs. The test can show any problems or issues logged in your car’s computer, which can be related to any of the vehicle’s systems, including the exhaust, transmission, and oil tank.
How do I know if I need a test?
If your Check Engine light is on, then that’s a sure sign something is wrong and you need a car diagnostic test. But if you hear or feel that something’s “off” with your car while driving, then that can also be a good indication that a test is in order.


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